[ART for a cause] Ice Hockey in India [a sketch]

This is different 🙂

I drew the below piece of art for a different kind of cause. I came across The (Ice) Hockey Foundation, which trains youth in India’s remote and wonderful North, in Ice Hockey!

Remember, it snows in India, in the North and temperatures can go as low as minus 40 C. Life comes to a stand-still. Homes are not heated. Terrain is difficult. Life is tough for them over there.

I was quite inspired to read that a group of Ice Hockey professionals come down (up?) to the Himalayan town of Leh in India, all the way from America, to train the youth over there in Ice Hockey. The Foundation is headed by Adam Sherlip, who is India’s first Ice Hockey coach (inspirational stuff, isn’t it?).

Here are some interesting links:
1. The Hockey Foundation — http://hockeyfoundation.org/
2. The Hockey Foundation’s flickr photo-stream — http://www.flickr.com/photos/hockeyidealist/

… and here goes my piece of (unsolicited 🙂 ) ART for them —


As usual, drawn in Microsoft Paintbrush with the computer mouse. In the background you see Himalayan ranges and the foreground shows an Indian (yes!) Ice Hockey player shooting it off!

With an overdose of cricket over the years (really, who cares about that sport much?), i really think it’s time for a new sport to capture attention here. We rank poorly in Football, Field hockey is unjustly seen as the inferior cousin of cricket and top-athletes are few.

Over there in Leh, they’ve managed to build and maintain an Ice Hockey rink and they work entirely on donations. Ice Hockey as a sport, is fast, decisive and action-packed.

This goes as part of my initiative to draw silhouette-art for a cause. So far i have drawn some pieces of silhouette-art for patients with illness and shall continue doing so — https://niranjanshukla.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/art-call-for-topics-for-a-cause/

Cheers from here (Mumbai) in India.


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