Biking to work: Lessons learned

I bike to work on many days. The streets in Connecticut are not known best for biking, with their slopes all along.

Some quick notes on the positive lessons learned in life from Biking regularly:

1. Focus on the task: The long road ahead looks full of uphill and downhill slopes. When the going gets tough, put your head down and focus on the stretch of road you’re currently biking on, without thinking of what lies ahead. Turns out you perform better when you focus on the present.

2. There is uphill, there is downhill: That’s a fact. Work hard towards the uphill and smile your way as you enjoy the downhill ride. Do not get stuck in either mode but accept the fact that one will follow the other.

3. There is uphill, there is downhill: Again ? Yes. Do not count. Recognize the need for finding balance in adapting to overall continuity yet stay alert enough to hold your balance at any point in time.

4. All phases have their pros and cons: Uphill is tough, but you do not risk over-speeding. Downhill takes no effort, but you should be alert at all times.

5. Do not compare: I bike hard but every few seconds a car zips by in full speed. All my effort looks minuscule as compared to the car. Really? NO. The effort is not minuscle, the outcome is. Be careful where you place the weight in your retrospectives. By the way, was the outcome worth the effort? Yes it was, and you chose to bike.

6. You are in command: You’re the one that is biking. Likewise, you are the one that decides when to speed up and when to halt for a quick break.

Biking regularly is a fun, healthy and environmentally sustainable activity. I have had folks in cars stop me once a while and mention how they wish they could bike to work. I mention to them how I wish I could drive around everyday. Compliment others as they compliment you — it creates space in this world !

PS: Definitely carry deodorant if you bike to work :-) Biking is exertion. Do learn to drive if that is the need !

Art for a cause @TMH / November 1 2014

Some of the recent pieces of Art I drew for cancer kids at the Tata Memorial Hospital, as part of my visits to that hospital every two weeks, as a volunteer.

CL30048 CL13718 CE17784 BZ23388

The Topics are all given by the kids themselves, ranging from “Safely watching a Cheetah and a Tiger clash ( :) )”, “Going to school with sister, in the early morning (school is tough on kids with such problems, quite naturally)”, “Playing cricket with mountains in the backdrop” and “Playing Field Hockey (for a change !)”

Art for a cause @TMH / 04 October 2014

Today i met 3 more patients, all children with Cancer, at Tata Memorial Hospital. This was post handing over the laminated printouts of the previous three pieces of Art.

For the kids i met today, i drew the following 3 pieces of Art

This young boy is raring to go play football with his younger brother, on the beach

This young girl wants to watch the calm sunset with her parents.

.. and this young girl wants to see a peacock  in full colours!

That’s it for today :)

Art for a cause @TMH / 20 September 2014

Drew some more pieces of Art for 3 children suffering from Cancer, at Tata Memorial Hospital.

The first one is titled “Hope”. Just as the birds return to shore at the end of the day, with the streetlamp as a guiding sign, use your hope as your guiding sign in accomplishing good health and other good objectives.


The second one was drawn for a patient that needed some instant laughter! What’s better than Laurel & Hardy? :)
Laurel Hardy

Of course, i demanded that a patient should give me something in return…. and that means …. a smile! :)

The last one was drawn for a girl who wanted to see snow hills in a cold climate. I also suggested to her that it’s fine to keep this piece of art outside the refrigerator, that the snow would not melt :)
snow mountains

Tomorrow, i will print and laminate these, and hand them over, and meet more child cancer patients at the hospital :)