Creative Technologist.

Art is a hobby, not my profession, i draw  with a computer mouse (and sometimes with the laptop touch-pad) in plain old microsoft paintbrush (with external blur). Began saving my sketches since 2008. I am nearing 100 sketches and once i reach the count of 100, i will take a break from this hobby 🙂

Edit: After having drawn over 100 pieces of art, i have now decided to add meaning to my art. Please read my post — https://niranjanshukla.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/art-call-for-topics-for-a-cause/

PS: A software engineer by profession 🙂 .

Do you believe in generating kindness? I do, and i use Art as a medium.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your sketches are absolutely great and I love them. I have started to follow your blog. I think your blog is awesome, but would suggest customising your header and blog with one of your sketches. It would look great! Good luck with your sketches and hope you get offered to display them in an exhibition. You deserve to.

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