[ART] Call for Topics : For a cause

After years of drawing silhouette-art and having drawn over 100 pieces of Art, i have run out of topics. Most of my Art lies in a far corner of the web (https://picasaweb.google.com/102840916661526258313/SilhouetteAndMore) and on my blog, sometimes purists do not count it in the same category as “real art” because i use a computer (and a mouse / laptop touchpad).

i would like to add some meaning to my Art.

So read this — If you, or anyone you know, suffers from any kind of disorder / disability and would like to use my Art towards some positivity and happiness, please drop me a comment below and i will draw a silhouette-painting for you. Please state the subject and i will draw you a silhouette-art. If i am not comfortable with the subject, i will ask you to revise it.

I do not charge. But to hear that the piece of art had good effect would help.

So, spread the word on FB, Twitter or your Blog, and put your Topics below, in the form of comments.

26 thoughts on “[ART] Call for Topics : For a cause

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  2. Hi, I got your link from my blogging friend. I am caring for my brother who is now dying from Parkinson’s Disease and M.S.A. I love him so much and am going to miss him terribly. He had two loves in his life, coca cola and vintage cars. He can no longer walk, is very weak, struggles to eat. He is now on Hospice care. I would absolutely love to have something like this to look at for future days. I don’t know what you need but I can give you the link to my own WP blog. A couple of photos are in this post of my brother.
    Thank you for reading my comment

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  4. wow, this is incredible. i don’t know you personally, but you seem to be a wonderful person. i spent some time at a mental hospital and made a lot of really great friends. if you have time it would be pretty cool to have a piece of art about embracing inner crazy.

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  6. Great, wonderful, excellent idea. I love it.
    I have a connective tissue disease too. I steals my energy and strength. I’m 42 and look back on the things I used to be able to do with amazement. Never take feeling ok for granted. I miss walk at the beach, climbing up on the lifeguard chairs at night to see the moon a little closer and the waves coming in. I still go to the beach, and watch this little New England corner of the atlantic from an air conditioned car or a shady spot on a bench across the street. Can you “paint” walking at the beach for me?

    • Hello dyspatient. Sorry to hear about your disorder and hope you get up & running (literally) 🙂
      You have motivation too — abundantly available clean and open spaces in America (unlike here). So go & get running!

      Here goes my piece of art for you — https://niranjanshukla.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/art-for-a-cause-this-one-is-for-someone-who-no-longer-walks-much-a-sketch/

      (if you would want me to update my blog entry with your real name do let me know).

      • It’s not likely I’ll be running. I do like the picture. I think it’s a sweet gesture, what your’e doing. In the spirit of learning and sharing that seems to go with your gesture to “paint” for folks, I want to share some of my thoughts with you. I hope I can put it a way that expresses what I mean honestly but gently.

        It sort of sounded like you’re saying I just need to be motivated to move, to walk more. People with chronic illnesses don’t necessarily lack motivation. It’s not that we’re waiting for the proper stimulus to move faster or better. I used to walk, long urban hikes in my hometown/city. I’m not lazy. I have to mete out the energy and pain between things like work so I can pay rent and buy groceries,cleaning my home, and taking care of myself and my family. It doesn’t leave energy and pain resources to burn on walks at the beach in the evening or on the weekend. I do it when I have days to recover, because that’s what it takes to recover. There’s a good essay called Spoon Theory by a woman with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that also causes pain and fatigue. It’s really good and she describes this very well.

        Thank you again, I like the picture. And I hope you’re well (and stay that way!)

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  10. Hi there! Some readers on my blog pointed me to yours, and I think it’s a great idea! How sweet that you’re giving your talents to help others! I suffer from endometriosis and I’m looking at my third surgery for it. I don’t know what I’d use it for, but I’d definitely post it to my blog and maybe even use it as a logo if you’d draw something for me.

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