[ART for a cause] This one is for a pet [a sketch]

i drew the below piece of Art for a Greyhound dog named Matilda and her family

Matilda was diagnosed with cancer and is on treatment / remission. Animals can’t speak and one can only imagine their muted suffering which shows in their eyes. Here’s wishing that this greyhound spends the rest of it’s days with some degree of joy.


As usual, drew this in Microsoft Paint, using mouse (as part of my hobby).

This goes as part of my initiative to draw silhouette-art to create positivity for people ailing from disorders/disabilities around the world — https://niranjanshukla.wordpress.com/2013/06/29/art-call-for-topics-for-a-cause/

Would be glad to do it for someone you know too!


2 thoughts on “[ART for a cause] This one is for a pet [a sketch]

  1. Thank you so much for this. Matilda’s blog is malfunctioning right now, but should be better by Saturday. This is very kind. When the blog is fixed, we will direct people here.

    Terry and Matilda

    • Thanks for the feedback. Just like humans, animals deserve compassion and pets give us the same compassion in our difficult times.

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