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Art: Perseverance


Perseverance is a function of Persistence, which in turn is a function of Patience. Work hard, be perseverant and you get there — be it learning a new skill at work, biking some distance or practicing your hobby.


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Biking to work: Lessons learned

I bike to work on many days. The streets in Connecticut are not known best for biking, with their slopes all along.

Some quick notes on the positive lessons learned in life from Biking regularly:

1. Focus on the task: The long road ahead looks full of uphill and downhill slopes. When the going gets tough, put your head down and focus on the stretch of road you’re currently biking on, without thinking of what lies ahead. Turns out you perform better when you focus on the present.

2. There is uphill, there is downhill: That’s a fact. Work hard towards the uphill and smile your way as you enjoy the downhill ride. Do not get stuck in either mode but accept the fact that one will follow the other.

3. There is uphill, there is downhill: Again ? Yes. Do not count. Recognize the need for finding balance in adapting to overall continuity yet stay alert enough to hold your balance at any point in time.

4. All phases have their pros and cons: Uphill is tough, but you do not risk over-speeding. Downhill takes no effort, but you should be alert at all times.

5. Do not compare: I bike hard but every few seconds a car zips by in full speed. All my effort looks minuscule as compared to the car. Really? NO. The effort is not minuscle, the outcome is. Be careful where you place the weight in your retrospectives. By the way, was the outcome worth the effort? Yes it was, and you chose to bike.

6. You are in command: You’re the one that is biking. Likewise, you are the one that decides when to speed up and when to halt for a quick break.

Biking regularly is a fun, healthy and environmentally sustainable activity.



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