Art for a cause @TMH / 20 September 2014

Drew some more pieces of Art for 3 children suffering from Cancer, at Tata Memorial Hospital.

The first one is titled “Hope”. Just as the birds return to shore at the end of the day, with the streetlamp as a guiding sign, use your hope as your guiding sign in accomplishing good health and other good objectives.


The second one was drawn for a patient that needed some instant laughter! What’s better than Laurel & Hardy? 🙂
Laurel Hardy

Of course, i demanded that a patient should give me something in return…. and that means …. a smile! 🙂

The last one was drawn for a girl who wanted to see snow hills in a cold climate. I also suggested to her that it’s fine to keep this piece of art outside the refrigerator, that the snow would not melt 🙂
snow mountains

Tomorrow, i will print and laminate these, and hand them over, and meet more child cancer patients at the hospital 🙂


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