Art for a cause @TMH / 05 July 2014

Today i went to the Tata Memorial Hospital as part of my weekend visits as a volunteer artist. There i met three children, of the age group 7-10, all cancer patients.

But first, i handed over a laminated print of one of my previous works to a cancer patient i met the last week

Now, back to this week, I drew for two of them for the coming week; will be handing them the laminated prints next saturday; and will draw for the third one next saturday.

One of the children wanted me to depict him while riding a horse in the forest.


The other patient, who had just undergone a brain surgery, was barely able to talk but ended up conveying that she wanted me to depict her as saluting the National flag of India.

This is part of my Volunteer Artwork that i do for the Cancer patients (children) at the Tata Memorial Hospital every weekend.


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