Art for a cause @TMH / 21 June 2014

(This is in continuation to my voluntary artwork visits to the Tata Memorial Hospital Pediatric section where i draw for children suffering from Cancer)

I was unable to meet the two children i previously met and drew the pieces of art for. That said, the two printouts will be handed over to them when their schedules are up, the coming week.

This time, i met two other children — Hephzibah and Aryan. Hephzibah wanted me to draw a peaceful sunset with a coconut tree and a hut in the foreground and Aryan wanted me to draw an Indian cartoon character called little Bheem (like our own superman) against the backdrop of mountains and a cloudy sky, holding a laddu (spherical sweet-eatable) in one hand. I ensured that their parents (and hopefully them too) would visit the hospital the coming saturday and collect the pieces of art from me.

Here is the art i drew for Hephzibah and Aryan (in that order) —



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