Art for a cause returns!

Art-for-a-cause is back. This time, i’m drawing for Sick kids who suffer from Cancer. I visited the Tata Memorial Hospital , a specialist cancer treatment and research center, today. Over there, i registered as a volunteer. Here is what i will do:

1. Visit the hospital every saturday. Speak with a kid that is admitted to the ward.
2. Get the specifications from the kid as to what he/she would like to see in the form of art.
3. Draw the piece of art during the week.
4. Print it over and show it to the kid the next saturday.
5. Repeat #1 through #4 as many saturdays as i can.

I met two kids suffering from Cancer, today. I showed them some pieces of art and asked them what would they like me to draw for them. They instantly lit up with a smile each 🙂 . I took the specs from them. One of them wanted an airplane to be drawn against a beautiful background. The other one wanted one of my previous pieces of art — an aquarium. I will upload the picture i just drew below:


Finally, i got a chance to meet the Head of the hospital’s medical oncology department and he said he would extend this initiative to analyzing the reaction of kids to such artwork that is drawn for them, entirely based on their specifications.

All in all, this was a great experience and i will be visiting the Hospital every Saturday !


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