to each his own

Interesting observation while i was out for an evening walk. I’m in Mumbai, India. It’s nearing the end of a (temperate) winter and approaching the slow onset of summer which will eventually peak during May. But what do we have here — a tree with all leaves gone red? It’s like our very own autumn, except at the fag end of winter !? The temperature after all has been around 15 – 20 C.

Shown below is the all-red tree I saw.

2014-02-06 18.14.12

Next, I tbook a specimen leaf home and showed it around.

2014-02-08 13.33.58

Turns out that this was an Almond tree. Almond trees generally blossom when it is sufficiently warm. Turns out that if we had carefully planted Almond trees interspersed with the evergreens, we would have our own autumn season experience, except at the start of summer 🙂

To each his own autumn!


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