NY Thruway realtime traffic [a fun app]

Wanted to share a fun app i had developed. This shows realtime traffic events as they happen on the NY Thruway. Events such as Traffic congestion, accidents/incidents, roadwork, construction pop up as bubbles, in realtime, as they happen on the map.

Would have liked to do this for my city (Mumbai) too. However:

1. Did not find an XML feed that publishes realtime data of events for any road in Mumbai. I found a realtime XML feed only for the NY Thruway, published by the NY State Thruway authority.

2. If at all #1 would have been available, there would have been tons of bubbles popping up all over the map, with so many traffic congestion events, constructions and incidents always taking place 🙂

Jokes apart, used XML parsing, the Storm framework (which is a realtime Big Data framework), Google Maps and ajax/jQuery for implementing this app 🙂

Check the fun app at — http://trafficevents.herokuapp.com/NYThruway.jsp

(PS: Yes, and Google has this in place already !)

(Screenshot below)



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