This one goes out to “Bu” [a sketch]

catThis is a sketch i’ve drawn in memory of my cat/kitten, whom we had around 15 years ago. We called him “Bu” (for the lack of a gentle name perhaps).

“Bu” taught us to be curious and sometimes even audacious. I remember when he encountered a snake in our playground once and how HE was more agile than the snake, even shooing the snake away with his paw (it was the snake who relented).

“Bu” left us a bit too early. He got lost (given the highly symmetrical structure of our residential building) and was chased down by dogs. We finally found him and took him to a vet. but the vet either did not have the right skills or it was too late. He went listless over the next few days and i still remember wishing him goodbye one last time as i went to school.

However, our cat is still very much alive (and lively) in our memories, just a thought away! Those memories give us so many fun moments as we recall them.

Cheers to all your pets!!

(Drawn on the computer using the computer mouse)

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15 thoughts on “This one goes out to “Bu” [a sketch]

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  5. I love this silhouette and story. I found this at the right time. My cat is a tripod (3 legs) due to cancer 4 years ago and I just had to take her for a biopsy yesterday after I felt something odd on her side where her leg had been. I’m waiting for the results and a complete and utter mess. I’m sorry about your cat–mine is my whole life and I can’t imagine losing her. Thank you for your art–my brother is an artist in LA so it speaks to me (even if my vision isn’t great!).

    I will bookmark you, as my vision makes it hard to follow people. Good to run across creative-types on here. 🙂

    • Thank you very much. Take care of your cat and a bookmark is more effective, as it is browser-level and does not require you to log in 🙂

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