Silent Horizon : Daily Prompt: The Artist’s eye

While on a business travel out of my city, as the flight took off, i could see the urban-jungle that my city of Mumbai is, gradually fainting down and the colours of the sky taking over.

To be honest, i find living in Mumbai quite tiring. Pollution, noise and tons (and tons (and tons..) ) of people and people-created problems galore. So, as i moved high above, i could see all those fading and momentarily disappearing. The sky and the horizon? They are the same everywhere, as beautiful above Mumbai as they’re above the alps.

So when i saw the colours of the horizon, especially the orange streak of the horizon and a gradually deepening-blue sky spawning out of it, i sensed nature assuring to me that everything was okay, and all man-made problems lay deep below 🙂

Inspired by that sight, i drew a painting of the sight when i returned home. This was a few months ago, and i will upload it here —

flightDrew this on the computer with a computer mouse.

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25 thoughts on “Silent Horizon : Daily Prompt: The Artist’s eye

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  10. I love this, even though I have the worst fear of flying! In between my anxiety attacks, there’s a feeling of escaping the world. I haven’t been to India, but my grandparents went many times and I have seen so much of it in photos and whatnot (and my fav. author is from there, not that I can see books now). I understand that feeling of escaping a mega-city like Mumbai. Btw, I’ve been sending your link around… Hope you don’t get too much work!

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