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I do not write often; i draw and consequently my blog is full of sketches i’ve drawn over the past few years. My post therefore, is a misfit in my blog. However, i would want to write a bit on what it means to be creative and how creative folks are often a misfit in the world.

Are creative people being treated at par with intelligent people? Unfortunately not. Our system focuses on solving problems in a “single way”, with time (and money) as the limited resource in doing so. And time is money. So, why would society want creative folks at all? They play a highly intangible part in bringing to forth tomorrow’s problems, and also, solving them in not quite “optimally” the same way as intelligent people. I use the word “optimally” here with some degree of distaste. After all, optimization is specific to the scenario at hand. And there starts the chain of time & money.

Further, creativity, unlike intelligence, cannot be measured as per currently available technology. Therefore, whereas companies employ all tools to measure the intelligence of a person prior to hiring him/her, there are no existing means of assessing the creativity of the candidate. This is an unjust process. I haven’t heard much of companies wanting to hire evangelists. Rather, they hire an employee on measured criteria and then see him/her develop as an evangelist over the years.

Why do we exactly need creative people, when we have enough intelligent people solving all our problems? — We need them to define tomorrow’s challenges, create the jobs of tomorrow. I feel there are a lot of creative people out there, whose abilities just cannot be measured. What cannot be measured cannot be managed. And therefore, while companies surely miss creative people, they never take measures to approach them!

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9 thoughts on “A creative misfit? : Island of Misfit posts

  1. While I DO like this post, I don’t perceive creativity and intelligence to be mutually exclusive (nor do I perceive “intelligent” people to “fit” while “creative” people don’t. It’s been my experience that the truly intelligent and truly creative people are one and the same. But I totally agree that neither fits into any mold and, therefore, both are readily labeled quirky misfits. I say: give me quirky misfits or give me death (i.e., if the road to heaven is paved with optimally intelligent problem solvers, per your definition, give me hell any day).

    • Very true. Creativity & intelligence form more of a “Mobius strip”. Whereas most of the current inventions have been made by acutely intelligent people, strongly basing their findings on Mathematics, i would still not consider pure creativity as a redundant quality. Although there may be a single best solution to a problem, it may be sometimes worthwhile to naturally fail in solving the problem. Success can be surely evaluated as genuine when you have probably failed in previous attempts. However, with the advent of “this is the way it is done” texts and a strong competition (especially here in the massively populated developing world), you get only one shot at success.

      • Somehow it seems relevant (not sure exactly how) that due to my own lack of intelligence (in a mathematical sense), I was forced to google “mobius strip.” I read definition after definition without understanding ANY of what these scholars were trying to explain. FINALLY (in a stroke of genius on my part if I do say so myself) I clicked on “image” in the Google menu and enlightenment was instantaneously mine (better than sitting under a Bodhi tree).

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