Think Liquid | Daily Prompt: Tagline

My tagline would be “Think Liquid”.

1. I believe it is important to always be open to acquire knowledge such that it can be applied to create value.

2. One should also exercise creativity in any field he/she can. Exercising your creativity generates creative-energy that can be applied to any other field, including your primary field of work.

3. “Think Liquid” essentially means showing the agility to fit in any scenario and applying your creativity. Just like water takes the shape of the container it is placed in, your creativity should be able to take shape under any situation/role you’re in.

This is in response to the daily prompt —

14 thoughts on “Think Liquid | Daily Prompt: Tagline

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  5. I often suspect I can learn everything I’ll ever need to know in life from the behavior of rivers. Consequently, your tagline resonated BIG-TIME with me. Thanks.

    • Glad you found it useful 🙂 . I will make a small observation. A river is still confined by the shores and keeps moving rather effortlessly in it’s confines. On the other hand, a glass of water takes the shape of the container you pour it in. So, take your creativity in your own hands and pour your glass of water in any scenario the situation demands from time to time, thereby adapting to the situation. Once you see agility / adaptability as your key strength, you can only succeed!

      • One of those small observations that makes all the difference. Why limit my teachers to rivers when water has so much more to teach me?

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