Winter walk [a sketch & some words]

winter_walkThere’s one activity i easily get lost in & that is taking a solo walk in the snow while listening to music. Now, i stay in a tropical climate which is also polluted beyond standards, so i get to be in “the zone” only when i’m on those short work/business-travels, typically in far northern nations, typically in winter.

I know winters can be really harsh, so one needs to have a good idea of the temperature outside before venturing out, but when i hear friends & colleagues asking me “Whaaat? You go for a walk in this weather?” i suppose walking in -10 C with no soul around is not an unpleasant change at all for someone who predominantly lives in temperatures such as +35 C (with the humidity & pollution included) with thousands of people around him.

In response to the Daily prompt:

The sketch was drawn in Microsoft Paintbrush using a computer mouse


5 thoughts on “Winter walk [a sketch & some words]

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