Internet of Things [IoT]: The Next Big Thing

By some estimates there will be around 50 Billion “smart” devices (and “Things”) connected to the Internet, by 2020. These will range from Things primarily “dumb” and therefore, separately web-enabled, to Things “inherently smart”. Once Things are web-enabled, they can be accessed and operated upon through the web. They can also operate with other Things, making interesting use-cases. Furthermore, they can be integrated with social networks, thereby bringing them on near-equal parity and potential as humans.

To see a sample list of some really innovative applications of the Internet of Things, check this —

Obviously, a lot of innovative applications have begun arising making our existence appear futuristic, owing to such developments. As someone who has a background majorly in integrating computer applications and systems, i would like to be a part of the IoT revolution.

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3 thoughts on “Internet of Things [IoT]: The Next Big Thing

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