From the most unexpected | Daily prompt

As someone who actively / consciously does not seek help (and therefore may not have received much of it), i do recollect a small incident which had an impact on me because this came from the most unexpected source.

A few years ago i was walking back home from college, after writing an exam. Obviously, i was preoccupied with how my exam had gone and was not paying much attention to the surroundings while walking. Suddenly someone called out to me repeatedly and finally i turned back. Turns out that it was an old beggar on the street (vocabulary unfortunately does not leave me with a better word). He kept pointing at a spot on the street a few feet behind me. Turns out that while walking, as i took out something from my pocket, my wallet (with some non-insignificant cash and cards) too had piggybacked it’s way out and unknown to me, it fell on the street, and the man was asking me to pick it up. To me, it was so surprising for a beggar to point it out that i all i could manage to say in that awkward moment was a “thanks”. It did not strike me to thank the person by giving him some much needed coins.

While not generalizing things, i have concluded that sometimes even the neediest of people may have good intentions towards others and that wealth (or the lack of it) may not have any real correlation with dignity.

On my part, ever since i started earning, i give back a fixed, small monthly amount to charity.

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6 thoughts on “From the most unexpected | Daily prompt

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    • Yes, the man could have as well kept quiet and kept the wallet with himself. However, inspite of being the neediest of people, he chose to point it out to me so that i would not lose it.

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