How the world works

It works, unfortunately, on a single word — imperfection.

Imperfection manifests itself in the form of inequality, a sense of demand (and supply), the idea of profits and the business side of these.

Those who were perfect perhaps never came into this world. Now that we’ve all stepped into this world which thrives on imperfection, perhaps we should find some space in it to survive. Recently, i have read a lot on how businesses benefit a section of people at the cost of others. This problem seems to exist uniformly across the developed, developing and poor parts of the world in proportionate amounts. Qualified people find it difficult to get jobs, many get jobs paying them just enough to survive against the ever-rising inflation, handicapped people (some by birth) feel robbed of necessary organs in order to compete with non-handicapped people for jobs they would otherwise do equally well…..on the other end we have rich folks trying out the latest gadget out there, disposing off the previous one into trash, those that can afford to move into the costliest of apartments/residences offering them the most scenic view outside, those who travel the world in their spare time..

Many of us tend to take shots at immediate solutions while ignoring the systemic view. Whereas i am in no way perfect enough to ponder what the ultimate solution would be, i would like to state a few points below, which may be core ingredients of a systemic solution:

1. There needs to be a concerted effort to identify the jobs of tomorrow. Towards this, problems need to be identified (and there are a lot of existing problems in the world, asking to be solved). If globalization has created a void, that void needs to be filled by jobs which address the problems of tomorrow and training people to solve them.

2. People who already have jobs ought to create jobs too. This may sound as a vague statement but is not entirely impossible too. Again, this effort needs to be concerted and each employed person ought to be rated in terms of value creation (including outside his field).

3. Population ought to be controlled. Simple as this — resources do not grow as fast as population currently does.

4. How much one is entitled to ought to be decided in terms of how much one has given back.

If each one of us gives back to fill in the void created by imperfection as much as we gain from it (be it in forms other than those we gained), the world will certainly be a better place.

Would like to hear any such systemic ideas you may have too!


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