Happy [a set of sketches]

So here are a few of my sketches which fit the theme “happy”
This is in response to the WP weekly photo challenge — http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/weekly-photo-challenge-happy/

Skateboarder —


Watching northern lights 🙂  —


Cyclist enjoying a view of the horizon — 


That’s a harbour, and a ship is slowly, but surely, sailing to it’s destination —


That’s a skateboarder again. Now, skateboarders are a happy lot 🙂 (this sketch shows an old town in the background) —

As usual, sketched these on my computer using a mouse

11 thoughts on “Happy [a set of sketches]

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      • Oh my God! I’ve just seen these pictures. I’m speechless by your talent! All are beautiful, and one of my favourites is the Paris one — with a man and his dog.

        What a unique skill you’ve got!

        Thank you for your description, but it sounds like a foreign language to me. Though I can’t understand it, I’m pleased that you’ve shown us this amazing art form. Absolutely delightful pictures. Thank you. Keep going!

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