when i was a child..

when i was a child…….

i thought i could jump high enough and wave a hand at the moon to see my shadow waving back at me

i started digging the ground, curious enough to find out which continent i would find myself in at the other end of it

i listlessly read sentences to convert them to passive-voice, later re-read them enthusiastically to convert them to active-voice

i pushed the train coach from inside when the train i was traveling in would stop abruptly at signals

i chased the sun for a mile to only discover that it ran with me further away

i always wondered why people didn’t fall off to the ground as they stood on the curved surface of the earth

i thought light bulbs could as well be opened for the source of light to shine all the more

i thought eggs were stamped with social security numbers to assign to the chickens they would hatch into

will keep adding more as i recollect….

Tell me what similar (perhaps more imaginative) thoughts came to your mind when you were a child


2 thoughts on “when i was a child..

  1. I always thought I could do anything…would do something really great…but reality dawned on me soon enough and I realized I will be just another ordinary human being…!!

    • same here. i was to be an astronaut, later some sort of a scientist, and finally ended up being a software engineer! (you see the exclamation 🙂 )

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