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While I’m no self-proclaimed philanthropist — I’m quite cynical — I’ve recently begun acknowledging how basic math governs our day-to-day survival and decides who we are and how that makes each of us different from the rest. At my age, I’d rather shun philosophy of any kind and start being the “cool kid” i observe in many others. But over the years, I’ve concluded that society presents  each one of us a fairly large number of opportunities to do good. And so, I’ve started my own small experiment in small-time charity.

As a software programmer, only a decent amount of lunch can suffice my needs. More so since I have wholesome meal at dinner. Also, programming is a mainly brainy job. So, coming back to lunchtime — i gulped cafeteria lunch for 10 years now. By no means is it nutritious. At the same time, it costs around Rs. 50 per lunch session. Enough is enough, no more of that overly spicy Biryani or vegetable gravy on a daily basis, year after year. So I pack my own lunch comprising of 4 bread slices, a cheese slice and some random fruit (Banana makes a wholesome, awesome candidate for this on most days). I’ve worked out that the cost of my lunch thus comes down to a mere Rs. 20. A side effect is that I do not experience those post-lunch bouts of chaos (acidity/heartburn) that spicy food can cause. Considering I work for 22 days a month (on weekends I’m compulsively back to spicy food, out of no option), I save Rs. 660 per month. This comes to ~ Rs. 7900 per year.

It is with some credibility that I’ve come to trust my plans will carry for one year. After all, I’m three weeks into this already and I find it quite sustainable. Of the Rs. 7900 I save thus, I plan to donate Rs. 4000 to some organization through the Corporate giving program. This way I do my own bit of “small-time” charity.

I believe small-time charity has huge potential. After all, let us not forget that each of us is one in a few billion and in no way alone in this (the big question is how many of us really do it). By doing your own small bit, and by ensuring that your charity goes into the right hands and is utilized properly, you will see fruition of some good math.

If you have done your own bit for small-time charity, feel free to post your experience here.


2 thoughts on “Small-time charity

  1. good plan. I don’t do charity mostly. I believe it is unfortunate people need charity. But for some other person in a higher strata of society, I’d be the person in need of charity. So I’d rather hang on to my money. 🙂

    • Thanks. However, an amount you may classify as super-small still stands like a grand figure for the underprivileged. And there seem to be a lot such underprivileged people in the country, going by the broad spectrum of earning capacity of people.

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