Symphony of chaos

~ 330 x 3.6 x 2 = 2376.
So there I was, stuck at that same signal on my way to/from work, for the two thousand three hundred and seventy six “only” time. Along with me, were fellow commuters in vehicles all shapes and sizes — BEST buses, volvo buses, toyotas and tatas (lots of them, minus their 1 Lac No-nos), bicycles, auto ricks……auto ricks with their ‘screeee….eech’ish honking. Thus there was this honking ceremony with the big boys blaring out their pom-pom types make-way-for-the-biggy honking, minnows (santros, wagonrs, palios, 800s from 800 BC) playing out their own rebellion. Two wheelers added their own en pressant  style of music on display.

Bach would be smiling his way from up above the world so high. I was the conductor of the honking symphony today.

That gets this thought to my mind — why not fix a “traffic-congestion-specific” horn onto every vehicle?

— Heavy vehicles such as Trucks and buses get their own “traffic-jam-specific” horns which would sound like Drum beats

— small and medium sized cars get their own “traffic-jam-specific” horns which would sound like Bongos and Crash Cymbals

— Two wheelers get their own “traffic-jam-specific” horns which would sound like flutes, guitars

— Bicycles would retain their “ting-ting” and pedestrians would add to the tapping

There you go, an impromptu musical concert while you’re stuck in that traffic jam, getting late for work!!



No music for us?

No music for you.

And yes, when you question the very (lack of) logic behind all this, you’re right!

Let there be no musical concert, let there be no honking.


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